Food industry

Transporting and warehousing foodstuffs requires a logistics company to fulfill particular conditions. At LOXX, we have fulfilled all the necessary procedures to meet the requirements. Our class A warehouse can store various foodstuffs (without temperature control requirements), such as animal food, powdered milk, beverages, sesame seeds, etc.
Our vast experience allows us to optimize the supply chain. The key benefit for our customers is not only warehousing services and on-time deliveries, but most of all an effective, optimal and time-saving logistics system.

Our Key Benefits

  • We have implemented Food Safety Policy.
  • We are supervised by State Sanitary Inspection.
  • We have designed and introduced the principles of the HACCP system.
  • We have separate zones for storing foodstuffs, neutral products and ADR hazardous materials.
  • We constantly monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the warehouse.
  • We have an internal and external pest control system.
  • We constantly control who has access to the warehouse from outside.
  • Our workers are trained in handling foodstuffs.
  • Our vehicles have cargo areas which are airtight, dry and free from foreign smells. They are also regularly cleaned.
  • All our drivers and vehicles used for local distribution have valid sanitary and epidemiological station certificates (Sanepid).


  • Warehousing and assembly of foodstuffs.
  • Monitoring the allergens
  • Transporting foodstuffs (without controlled temperature).
  • Setting up the delivery time (Deliveries at a predefined time frame).
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