The headquarters of LOXX: Gelsenkirchen

The headquarters of LOXX Holding has been in Gelsenkirchen, the Ruhr Area, since 2000. Its central location provides us with easy access to the road network. Thanks to that we can reach almost 10 million people within a radius of 50 kilometers.

The LOXX logistics center was established on the restored premises of the former Graf Bismarck mine. The construction of the headquarters at this precise site is an excellent and active example of the company’s contribution to the structural change in the Ruhr Area. During the 15 years of our presence in Gelsenkirchen, we tripled the number of our employees and created many new jobs. At present, the headquarters in Gelsenkirchen employs 320 people, including 210 in the operations and 110 in the warehouse services

Gelsenkirchen Logistics Center

At our logistics site in Gelsenkirchen we implemented our vision of a modern logistics center. Our office premises and warehouses are not only functional and spacious, but also provide a bright and inviting work atmosphere. LOXX received an award for the successful design of the exterior facade by the Association of German Architects (BDA) in 2002. We maintain our style in every new building we design. A link to Gallery

Logistics operations in Gelsenkirchen

There are 17 000 sqm available for logistics and warehousing services at the logistics center in Gelsenkirchen at Emscherstraße:

  • 10 000 sqm are used for cross-docking in international goods traffic
  • Additional 7 000 sqm are occupied by the separate logistics hall at the site, which is used exclusively for logistics services within the framework of contract logistics and meets the respective requirements
  • 10 000 sqm are used for cross-docking in domestic and international goods traffic,
  • The additional 7 000 sqm are occupied by the separate logistics hall, which is solely used for warehouse services provided for contract logistics.

All state-of-the-art halls meet environment-friendly specifications, and 93 loading gates ensure fast shipment handling even at rush hours.


LOXX Group is represented in the Stuttgart metropolitan area by its subsidiary LOXX Pan Europe GmbH in Tamm. More than one hundred employees in Tamm generate a turnover of more than EUR 30m per year (data for 2014).

The Tamm logistics center features an 8 000 sqm hall for goods handling and logistics services. Apart from arranging international truck transports, the subsidiary in Tamm has for 25 years acquired specialist knowledge in delivering goods to Mongolia as well as servicing and shipping household appliances.

In 1994 LOXX Pan Europa GmbH received a DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate. In January 2013 we were awarded “a preferred supplier” in land transport title by Robert Bosch GmbH.