Groupage Introduction

Consolidation of groupage shipments does not only involve shipping cargo from one place to another—an important issue is also the efficient exchange of information between all the participants of the process. It is best if it is done using electronic means (EDI). This is not a problem for us—we readily undertake difficult challenges because groupage shipment is our core operation and our specialty.

In recent years we were able to build an effective network of groupage connections across the whole of Europe. The information about the shipments is exchanged with our numerous partners on-line, and we provide our customers with means of tracking their shipments at a given moment. Using our computer center, it is possible to track and trace the shipment and selectively download the proof of delivery (POD).

Cooperation with partners around the whole of Europe

The effectiveness of our groupage lines depends on the strength of our partners in Germany and the whole of Europe. The LOXX groupage network includes:

  • more than two hundred partners in Germany,
  • more than one hundred forwarding companies in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia,
  • fifteen partner companies in Poland.

Owing to the direct cooperation with many forwarding companies, we can promptly respond to the changing needs of our customers and adapt the customer service model to the new requirements. Reducing the delivery time of groupage shipments is our priority. We achieve that by applying diverse shipping strategies.

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