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Warehouse logistics

By choosing our warehousing services you move your business to a higher level. We optimize your costs and logistics processes as well as the added value for your product thanks to our know-how and integrated, comprehensive logistics services. We are your number one choice as a long-term logistics partner. We provide you with our support to deliver your products to the market at the right time and price.


We serve the most demanding customers from different business sectors, including:

  • foodstuffs
  • telecommunications
  • automotive
  • electronics
  • machinery
  • cosmetics
  • chemicals

Regardless of the characteristics and size, our customers are under constant care of our warehouse personnel, and the warehouse tasks are carried out by specially appointed teams of experts.

Our strengths

  • We serve the most demanding customers
  • We provide a customized and flexible approach
  • We take good care of your expenditures by building from scratch a system of goods management and, at the same time, providing the highest quality service.
  • We guarantee a specially appointed coordinator during the implementation process and the support of a consultant during regular cooperation.
  • We offer non-typical warehousing services
  • We have a professionally trained team of warehouse personnel


  • Goods warehousing
  • Repacking and customizing
  • Labeling
  • Foil wrapping
  • Repacking goods into single-unit packages and bulk packages
  • Preparing advertising and promotional packages for sales chains
  • Assembling and the showcase displays and furnishing them with products
  • Attaching brochures, instruction manuals and information about products
  • Printing thermal and thermal transfer labels according to the customer’s design
  • Managing the stock based on the lot and batch numbers as well as the expiration date.
  • Expert consulting services on insurance, documents and logistics.
  • Warehousing palletized, oversize and excessive length goods.
  • Warehousing dry, packed and neutral foodstuffs.
  • Distribution of goods in Warsaw, all over Poland and Europe
  • Arranging returns.

Warehousing foodstuffs

  • Special operations in full compliance with the guidelines of State Sanitary Inspection, Veterinary Inspection, Good Hygienic Practice as well as of the HACCP system.
  • Kontrolowany dostęp dla osób z zewnątrz.
  • Stały monitoring temperatury i wilgotności.
  • Zewnętrzny i wewnętrzny system zabezpieczenia przed szkodnikami.
  • All personnel (including the drivers) have a valid medical record book for sanitary and epidemiological purposes (Sanepid).
  • All personnel are trained how to handle foodstuffs.
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